Things you need to know about Telematics

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Things you need to know about Telematics

Telematics is a translation of the French word télématique, which was first coined by Simon Nora and Alain Minc in a 1978 report to the French government on the computerization of society.

As the word implies, Telematics is the combination of telecommunication and information’s i.e. using communication and IT to transmit, store and receive information form a device
It is the method of monitoring cars, trucks, equipment and other assets; it is also an instrument that records information about your driving behavior, including how fast you drive, how hard you brake, and the distance you drive.
Telematics Solutions can be installed in a variety of vehicles. These include fleet cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, tractor units, dump and tow trucks.
Telematics system helps business to manage road safety, security and driver behaviors, navigation, communication, fuel efficiency and more.
It makes life of transporters easier. This can be made through digital| smartphones that can display accurate data on it.

How does Telematics Solutions works? People often ask what does Telematics devices do?

  1. Data Collection: it gives well detailed data analysis during motion i.e. It reveals the vehicle location, speed limit, breaks, trip times, driver’s behavior, Engine data, fuel efficiency and so on.
  2. Data Storage: The data from the sensor, engine diagnostics and GPS tracker is sent to the telematics device in the vehicle till when it is needed.
  3. Data Transmission: in order for your data to be processed, the telematics makes use of GPRS or cellular network like the 4G network.
  4. Fleet Management Software: It allows a company to track all vehicles from a central location at once. It is also an administrative approach that allows companies to organize and coordinate works vehicles online.

Benefits of Telematics

  1. Telematics can be used to generate reports on drivers behavior while on motion to identify and correct poor driving habits. With drivers knowing fully well that they are being monitored, it enhance them to drive rashly.
  2. It gives proper breakdown of drivers day-day-activities i.e. driving time, working time, breaks and with this telematics solution, drivers tend to be motivated to improve their driving skills at all times.
  3. It helps to reduce Operational cost i.e. fuel monitoring. When your fuel is been monitored, the cost at which you are getting another one will be low. A Telematics solution can give insight into fuel usage daily and quantity to buy for the next journey.
  4. Reduces cost of maintenance because it shows the health status of vehicle equipment either heavy or light equipment and will be replaced if necessary.
  5. Increase in job satisfactory: Telematics allows you to overview driver’s routines e.g. drivers can check how much time they have left until the end of the shift and plan their job effectively. It is also a platform that can ensure drivers are safe on the road, monitor time rules and alert them when they need a break.

Challenges of Telematics: Road users often face some challenges as regard the use of telematics device.

  1. Power dependency: Vehicle GPS trackers must be powered to function effectively, it must be fully charged regularly to prevent been stuck in an urgent situation with no way to summon help though all devices has backup batteries.
  2. Privacy concern: people often feel unsafe that their movement are been monitored without their knowledge which is quite understandable but its a necessity for security conscious.
  3. Jamming: signals can be clumsy at times, once the signals fluctuate then percentage of giving accurate data will be shorter but at that it will be backup while you are generating your report for past event.
  4. Cost: Getting a Telematics Solutions for Fleet operations requires higher rate and as they say “Better thing na Money kill am” lol as well as yearly renewal.

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