Repair and Maintenance

Repair / Maintenance

Oil Change, Servicing, Part Replacements & Factory Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

Broken down? Car won't start? Something going wrong or you don't feel you can trust your car? At ISN Auto Care, we are happy to resolve any problem on most car models with the help of our highly trained staff and our HIGH-GRADE automobile PARTS. We ensure your vehicle is properly scanned before any service is carried out, diagnosing the entire engine functions with our world class diagnostic devices coupled with DETAIL physical checks. Once this is done, our clients are updated and proper tests are carried out to confirm the status of the work done.


Oil Change / Servicing


Engine Tune-up



Car troubles can be daunting, that’s why you leave fixing it to the professionals. Our specialists carry out anything from a simple Tyre change to a full engine rebuild.

If your having car problems or are desperate need of a repairer, call us (+234 0807 444 6555) and we’ll take a look at your vehicle and get an estimate for you.