Car Conversion and Upgrade

Car Conversion and Upgrade

Body Fits I Interior Uplifts I Upholstery

Car Conversation & Upgrade

So it turns out most people love clean, sharp cars but then, the average person thinks they are either too expensive to buy OR too time-consuming to achieve on an already gotten car, since it's required for one's daily movement. But guess what?!...with just a little upgrade (yea, so little it can be concluded in 1 weekend!), you can also make your car clean and hit the office looking sharp by Monday!


Toyota/Lexus Conversion

Prado Land-cruiser 2010 - 2018 model with voice command, Toyota Camry 2007 to Lexus Face, Toyota Corolla 2008 to Lexus face, Lexus RX 350 2009 to 2017 model, VenZa 2010 to 2018 etc.

Range Rover Conversion

Range Rover Vogue 2014 to 2017 Model Range Rover Vogue 2006 to 2012 Model Range Rover Envogue 2010 to 2017 Model And more…

Mercedes Benz Conversion

- E-class 350 2011-2015 Models - G. Wagon from 2003 to 2016 Model Ml350/450 205 to Gle 450 2017 Model Gl450 2015 to Gls 450 2017

We upgrade:

*Bumpers, Fenders, Head/Tail lights (Xenon), Foglights, Front/Side/RearGrills

*Android Tesla Entertainment Systems for Dashboard with Touchscreen, DVD Player, Navigation, Bluetooth and Reverse Camera. Supports Phone mirroring like Google Chromecast.

*GPS Tracker to know your car’s location at any point in time. It also tells the car conditions such as Speed, Power ON/OFF, Doors Open/Closed, Windows Down/Up, etc.

*GPS Control turns your car ON and OFF from anywhere and at anytime with an option to activate it from any phone number in the event of an emergency.

Call us (+234 0807 444 6555) and we’ll take a look at your vehicle and get an estimate for you.