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What is the meaning of a term Upgrade?

An Upgrade simply means moving to a higher Standard, Improvement to something or exchange it for a better version. It also means an update in a particular object by making it more modernize especially in order to provide a better service.

What to understand about Upgrading of Car?

Come to think of it, No one wants to be stagnant in life, do you want to remain in a position for life? Step up and move forward, Yes You! I am talking to you.

A practical example goes thus: Land cruiser 2012 Upgraded To 2023 Model. It sounds crazy to you like it seem impossible right? Yes! It is very much possible with the invention of new technologies. The world has become globalize and digitalize.

According to Marshall McLuhan who is a Canadian thinker in 1962 coined the term ‘’Global Village‘’ which means invention of new technologies which makes our world more modernize at your finger tip.

Car upgrade is a compound word that means taking your car from an older model and making it look like a newer model based on appearance tweaks only and this could be by changing the Exterior parts or an Interior appearances. This is also similar to Facelifting/Pimping of car to your suitable taste.

Do you also know that people find it very Economical to upgrade their car rather than buying a new one which amount is thrice the upgrade fee?

Upgrading a car these days can go as far as also changing the Interior parts like the infotainment and steering, for example It is just a way of cutting cost of buying a brand new car.

For the Exterior parts, we have some components such as Headlight, Complete Front & Back Bumper, and Front Grill, Down Grill, Tail Lights, Fog Lights, Fenders and Bonnets etc.

Also there are some optional items that are not compulsory depending on the owner’s choice such as : Complete Italian fabric Upholstery with door mat and dashboard, Side steps, Roof rack, Side mirrors, Alloy wheels , New Korean graded tyres (4), New plate number, GPRS Vehicle tracking system, Security lights, Inner LED light, New floor carpet. There are two (2) Important stage after the whole body work is completed, which are:

(I) Auto-base With Sikkens Paint: This is important because after the work on the exterior parts is done, there will be marks from the areas the parts are cut and joined, panel and welder work as well. So, in other to cover the tracks of all these scratch is why the painting ought to be done so as to give it is best fine and amazing outlook. To hold and make it long-lasting is why we use Sikkens for our Oven baked Painting which is the best and this takes 10days to be ready.

(ii) Police report for the Upgrade: This is a necessity because the current documents and chassis number of the vehicle is reading Land cruiser 2010 while the Exterior is being upgraded to 2023 model so in other to clear doubts and majorly to avoid embarrassment from the force is why the report is important alongside with the Court Affidavit carrying the client name whose tally with the vehicle particulars.

Why do you think you should upgrade your car?

(i) Reduced Maintenance Costs for Older Cars: A new model vehicle consume lesser expense on repairs and maintenance than an old model car.

(ii) Higher Resale Value: You can convince your buyer that the car is well maintained and well equipped with the latest technology. This can make your vehicle look more attractive to the buyer and can be sold at an higher rate with a better (ROI) Return On Investment.

(iii) Excellent audio quality with the upgraded inbuilt speakers.

(iv) It gives a brand new comfort.

What are the criteria needed to upgrade your car?

(i) Funds: For appropriate upgrade of car you need to spend, money answered all. Don’t forget that to step up a game does not come at a freebies rather it requires spending.

(ii) Exploring Background Check: Endeavour to look for an expert who specialize in the upgrade path, consult and act according to their advice given so as not to waste time, energy and resources. Also ensure that the vehicle was handed over to an experience workshop so that you won’t be at the loosing end.

(iii) To overhaul the parts: This is an important part where you need to do a thorough clean check or renew in other to be sure if repair is necessary. Which location do you expect to get the suitable parts for your vehicle?  There are different location where you can get parts such as ladipo, obanikoro, Isolo, Obalende, Okesuna etc. We have some car parts that can not be found in Nigeria because they are rare and expensive parts so it has be shipped in.

Proficient Assistance: Do you think you can upgrade your car all by yourself? No! To achieve a proper outcome, it requires an expert to deal with. Wrong hands they said will wind up giving you a bad result. This expertise will go far in giving you the genuine, clarification and understanding thing you needed to know as regards Upgrade of cars.

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