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What do you do to prevent damages from happening to your Car Seats?

“Just bought a new car?” Start at the very beginning, the beginning is a very good place to start.

We all know the song and these words apply to custom seat covers as well. If you start by installing seat covers at the beginning when you first purchase the car, then you’re going to save ‘Future-You’ the headache of debating whether automotive Upholstery is required or not.

Seat covers prevent damages, stains, and rips from ever happening to original car seat fabric. Picture this, If you have two identical people with identical cars which have both been driven the same amount, with the same driving habits, and are equally maintained and the only variable is that one car has seat covers and the other one doesn’t. Which car do you think will sell for more?

Even if you’re the cleanest person ever who never eats in your car, over time your seats are going to accrue some wear and tear, just from sitting in them. Seat covers will significantly reduce this and when it is time to say goodbye to your car, the seats are going to look well taken care of. Not going to lie, seat covers are an investment (just like car seat re-upholstery), but so is your car. And it is worth keeping your car as resalable as possible.

The state of your car seats when selling your vehicle in the future could cause you to lose money or worse – could be the deal breaker for not selling the vehicle to a prospective buyer. . . . .

What else can be done to prevent Damage to you car seats? visit our workshop ISN Autocare Services to know more.

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